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Welcome to the East Texas Council of Governments! We are a voluntary association of counties, cities, school districts and special districts within the fourteen-county East Texas region. We assist local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit and coordinating for sound regional development. Either directly, or through our contractors, ETCOG provides programs and services for East Texas seniors, employers and job seekers. We also build the 9-1-1 emergency call delivery system, provide peace officer training and homeland security planning services; and deliver rural transportation services, business finance programs, grant writing services and environmental grant funding for the region.

Press Release
$117,691 in Solid Waste Grant Funds to be Distributed
Press Release
ETCOG Grants $85,123 to Continue CodeRed Emergency Notification System for a Ninth Year
Press Release
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Inaugurate GoVet Bus Service for Veterans to be Held Nov. 9
Press Release
ETCOG Receives Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 16th Consecutive Year
ETCOG Happenings
November 2017
Press Release
Area Agency on Aging to Host Free Caregivers Conference in Tyler on Nov. 9
Press Release
AAA to Assist with Benefits Counseling for Medicare Open Enrollment
Job Opportunity
Veterans Services Bus Operator - Gregg County
Invitation for Bids
Reloadable Card Services
Press Release
ETCOG Announces Judge Bill Stoudt as New Chairman
Press Release
ETCOG Hires Vanderbilt to Manage Business Loan Programs
Press Release
AAA to host 26th Annual REACH Conference Educating 500 Individuals Who Work with Seniors
Hurricane Harvey Donations Needed
Public Safety Bucket Drive
Press Release
ETCOG Board to Vote on $46.6M Budget, Hear Legislative Update from Representative Jay Dean
Request for Applications
Municipal Solid Waste Funding Announcement
Press Release
Solid Waste Related Grant Funding Available for 14 County Region
Press Release
Area Agency on Aging to Host Free Medicare Conference in Marshall
ETCOG Happenings
September 2017
FY 2016 Member Benefits Report
ETCOG Region Summary
Job Opportunities
See our open positions...
Office Closure
ETCOG offices will be closed September 4th to observe Labor Day.
Press Release
ETCOG Requests Nominations for First Responder Service Award
Public Notice
Solid Waste Funding Plan Public Meeting Announcement
Job Opportunity
Regional Lending Manager
ETCOG Happenings
August 2017
Press Release
Kari’s Law Requires Direct Access to 9-1-1 by September 1st, 2017
Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
Job Opportunities
GoBus Operators
Memorial Day
ETCOG will be closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day
Request for Proposals
Temporary Employment Services Re-Bid
Request for Proposals
9-1-1 Equipment Maintenance and IT Services
Resolution 17-4
ETCOG Board Approves Resolution in Support of the EDA and CDBG Programs
Press Release
ETCOG Employee Wins State Award for Outstanding Customer Service
Press Release
Older Americans Month: Age Out Loud
Request for Proposals
Temporary Employment Services
Press Release
Young Adult Job Fair Set for Tuesday
Request for Proposals
Vehicle Remanufacturing Services
Press Release
Career Exploration & Discovery Event for Teens Coming to Palestine
Good Friday Observance
ETCOG will be closed on Good Friday.
Request for Proposals
Centralized Vehicle Maintenance Services
Request for Proposals
Home Delivered Meals Pilot Project
Save the Date for the REACH Conference
Hosted by the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas
Christmas Closures
Friday and Monday Observance
11/11/2016 - ETCOG Closed
Observance of Veteran's Day
10/7/2016 - Request for Proposals
Financial and Audit Compliance Services 2
9/27/2016 - Recommended FY 2017 Budget
Voting at Board of Director's Meeting September 29th
9/20/2016 - Request for Proposals
Employee Benefits and Advisory Services
9/14/2016 - Request for Proposals
Financial and Compliance Audit Services
9/12/2016 - Request for Proposals
Cost Allocation Monitoring Services
Register to attend or become a sponsor for the 25th Annual REACH Conference!
8/31/2016 - Request for Proposals
Longview Property Lease
7/15/2016 - Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
6/13/2016 - Request for Applications
Solid Waste Grant Funding
5/30/2016 - ETCOG Closed
Offices will be closed to observe Memorial Day
5/27/2016 - Request for Proposals
Rural Senior Nutrition Services
5/11/2016 - REACH Conference
Sponsor and Exhibitor Information
5/6/2016 - Request for Proposals
Consultant Services for Broadband Project
Save the Date!
Power in Community Conference
4/8/2016 – Public Notice
Senior Nutrition Services 2016 RFP
4/4/2016 NAWB podcast
Weekly Podcasts hosted by the Board’s President/CEO
02/19/2016 - Public Notice
Workforce Centers Services Provider Request for Proposal
2/15/2016 - Public Notice
Request for Proposals
1/18/2016 - Office Closure
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
New Year's Day Office Closure
Friday, January 1st
12/22/2015 - Merry Christmas!
Our offices will be closed December 24-25
12/22/2015 - GoBus Holiday Closures
GoBus services will be closed starting tomorrow
ETCOG Happenings
December 2015
Call for Transportation Projects
All Jurisdictions Outside of Longview and Tyler MPO
Grants Available
Body-Worn Camera Program
10/23/2015 - Invitation for Bid
Longview Property Lease
What about me? A free luncheon honoring caregivers.
Save the date and RSVP for November 14th
9/15/2015 - ETCOG Board to Vote on $42.3 Million Budget
Semi-Annual Board Meeting Held in Carthage on Thursday
9/3/2015 - Job Opportunity
Director of Transportation
Job Opportunity
ICT Systems Administrator
9/11/2015 - Join us for a Medicare Symposium
Held on September 11 in Tyler
8/5/2015 - Request for Quotes
Website Redesign for Workforce Solutions East Texas
7/13/2015 - Request for Proposals
Child Development Associate Credential Training Classes
Request for Qualifications
Financial Review Services Audit
5/27/15 - Job Opportunities
Director of Public Transportation, Bus Operator, Child Development Specialist
3/26/2015 - Request for Proposals
Youth Stand Alone Projects
3/6/2015 - Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
3/5/2015 - Job Opportunity
Benefits Counselor Assistant
ETCOG Wins National Excellence in Transportation Award
Video Partnership with EasTexConnects Marketing Award
1/13/2015 - Request for Qualifications
Professional Evaluation Services for Children with Disabilities
1/19/2015 - MLK Day Closure
ETCOG Offices and GoBus will be closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
12/31/2014 - Office Closure
ETCOG Offices will be closed on 1/1/2015. Happy New Year!
11/27-28/2014 - Office Closure
ETCOG offices will be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving
11/20/2014 - Public Notice
Marshall Flex Route Changes
11/14/2014 - Solid Waste Grant Funds to be Distributed
$122,620 for Projects Aimed to Reduce Solid Waste in East Texas
10/24/2014 - Job Opportunity
Business Services Specialist
10/14/2014 - Job Opportunity
Call Center Specialist
09/23/14 - Request For Proposal
Senior Nutrition Services for the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas
9/10/2014 - Recommended FY 2015 Budget
To be considered by Board of Directors on September 18
8/12/2014 - Request for Proposals
Workforce Solutions East Texas ICT Services
8/14/14 - RFP Questions & Answers - Senior Nutrition Services
Area Agency on Aging of East Texas Senior Nutrition Services
8/11/2014 - Revised Request for Proposals
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Basic Education & Literacy
8/5/2014 - Request for Proposals
Senior Nutrition Services
8/4/2014 - Follow Up Meeting
Harrison County Broadband Kickoff
7/30/2014 - STAR+PLUS Medicaid Meetings
Upcoming Quitman, Pittsburg and Tyler Meetings
7/25/2014 - Solid Waste Grant Funding Announced
Mandatory Pre-Application Workshop Scheduled
7/11/2014 - Public Notice
Hearings Scheduled for Proposed GoBus Fare Increase
6/27/204 - Request for Proposals
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Basic Education & Literacy Projects
6/18/2014 - Job Opportunity
Economic Development Specialist
4/25/204 - Request for Proposals
WIA Youth Stand Alone Projects
4/17/14 - Job Opportunity
Director of Operations
4/9/14 - Job Opportunities
Bus Operator, Purchasing & Facilities Manager
3/7/2014 - Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
2/20/2014 - Job Opportunity
Benefits Counselor
1/17/2014 - Job Opportunities
Purchasing & Facilities Manager, Ombudsman
1/8/2014 - Job Opportunity
Bus Operator - Marshall Flex Route
12/13/2013 - Job Opportunity
Workforce Systems Improvement Specialist
10/31/2013 - Request For Proposals
Banking Services - 2nd Release
10/18/2013 - Job Opportunity
Senior Procurement, Purchasing & Contracts Specialist
9/10/13 - FY 2014 Budget
Board Consideration for Approval on 9/19
8/30/2013 - Request for Proposals
Youth Conference Speakers
10/9-10/13 - REACH Conference
Conference Materials, Register & Pay Online...
8/19/2013 - Job Opportunity
Call Center Specialist
8/14/2013 - Job Opportunities
ETRDC Manager, Bus Operator, Ombudsman and more
8/8/2013 - Job Opportunities
Program Administration Specialist, ETRDC Program Manager
8/1/2013 - Request for Proposals
Office Renovations II
7/22/2013 - Message from the Executive Director
Partnership Helps Members Contain Cost of Employee Health Insurance & Transition to “Obamacare”
7/8/13 - Job Opportunities
Fiscal Grant Management Specialist, Ombudsman
6/18/2013 - Request for Proposals
Marshall Lift Project
6/12/13 - Request for Qualifications
Survey of Mental Health Costs and Issues
6/4/2013 - Request for Proposals
Senior Nutrition Services
Job Opportunities
Ombudsman, Program Development Specialist
5/15/2013 - Job Opportunities
Call Center Specialist, Technology Support Specialist
5/10/2013 - Request for Proposals
Transit Operator Coursework
4/24/2013 - New Job Opportunities
Ombudsman Supervisor, Benefits Counselor
3/28/2013 - Request for Proposals
Senior Nutrition Services
3/26/2013 - Job Opportunity
Manager - East Texas Regional Development Company Program
3/18/2013 - Request for Proposals
Customer Service Training
3/11/13 - Job Opportunities
Director of Workforce & Economic Development (revised), Case Manager, Ombudsman
3/1/2013 - Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
2/18/2013 - Regional Priorities
To be shared at East Texas Reception in Austin
2/11/2013 - Job Opportunity
Economic Development & Business Services Specialist
1/23/2013 - Message from the Executive Director
East Texas Reception to be Held in Austin
12/21/2012 - New Job Opportunities
Grant Draw Coordinator and Transportation Planner
12/14/2012 - Job Opportunity
Director of Workforce & Economic Development
Nominate a Texas Legislator of the Year
Nominations Considered Through Dec. 17
12/10/2012 - Criminal Justice Grants Available
Mandatory Workshops Scheduled for Applicants
11/14/2012 - Request for Proposals
Reloadable Financial Assistance Cards
11/13/2012 - Request for Qualifications
Professional Evaluation Services for Children with Disabilities
11/9/2012 - Veterans Day
ETCOG Closure & Upcoming Veteran's Job Fairs
10/29/2012 - Job Opportunity
Director of Workforce & Economic Development
10/12/12 - REACH Conference Next Week
500 East Texans receive training on working with elderly
Medicare's Open Enrollment - New Dates
Benefits Counselors Available
8/29/2012 - Job Opportunities
Fiscal Grant Management Specialist and Bus Operator
8/17/2012 - Job Opportunity
Fiscal Grant Management Specialist
8/9/2012 - Request for Applications
2013 Municipal Solid Waste Grant Funding
7/30/2012 - Request for Qualifications
Tenant Represenatative - Real Estate Professional
Job Opening
Workforce Systems Improvement Specialist
6/27/2012 - Job Opportunity
Nursing Home Patient Advocate (Ombudsman)
6/25/2012 - Request for Qualifications
Workforce Operations Manual
6/7/2012 - Request for Proposals
Lease of Commercial Real Estate - Tyler, TX
6/7/2012 - Job Opportunities
Nursing Home Ombudsman & IT Service Administrator
5/22/2012 - Request for Proposals
Professional Observation Services for Children with Disabilities
Request for Proposals
Lease of Commercial Real Estate - Gilmer & Home Inspection Services
4/20/2012 - Request for Proposals
Construction Services
4/17/2012 - Request for Proposals
9-1-1 Service Maintenance and IT Support
4/3/2012 - Request for Qualifications
Professional Evaluation Services for Children with Disabilities
3/20/2012 - Job Opportunities
Benefits Counselor, Case Manager, Ombudsman
3/20/2012 - Workforce Solutions Procurement
Response to Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace
3/9/2012 - Request for Proposals
Group Health Insurance
3/5/2012 - Request for Quotes
Professional Evaluation Services for Children with Disabilities
2/28/2012 - Open Government Training
Hosted in Nacogdoches on April 13
2/20/2012 - Invitation to Bid
Sale of Real Property
1/26/12 - Request for Quotes
Lawn Care Services
1/13/2012 - Job Opening
Director of Aging
1/11/12 - Workforce Solutions East Texas RFP
Customer Service Rep. & Peer Relation Training
12/15/2011 - Job Opening
9-1-1 Public Education Trainer
12/2/2011 - Request for Proposals
Installation of Chair Lift System
11/21/11 - Invitation to Bid
Accessibility Modifications
11/2-3/2011 - REACH Conference
Download our brochure & RSVP
10/3/2011 - Request for Applications
Municipal Solid Waste Grant Funding FY 2012
9/12/2011 - FY 2012 Budget Draft
To be voted upon by Board of Directors on September 22
Public Comment Request
Housing Preservation Grant
8/9/11 - Invitation to Bid
Sale of Real Property
8/4/2011 - Job Opening
9-1-1 Public Education Trainer
7/26/2011 - Mayor Dean's Beat the Heat Project
Call us to see if you are eligible
7/25/2011 - Camp County RFP
Court Management System
7/12/2011 - Regional Review Committee Scores
Funding amount is still to be determined by TDRA
7/1/2011 - Request for Proposals
Strategic Facilitator
6/28/2011 - Request for Proposals
Workforce Operations Review
6/20/2011 - Request for Proposals
Senior Nutrition - Rains County
6/22-23/11 - Workforce Reconnect Conferences
Helping the Unemployed Reconnect with the Workforce
6/13/11 - THOR is Coming to East Texas
80,000 Pound Public Safety Center on Wheels
5/26/11 - Request for Proposals
Senior Nutrition Services (revised)
5/19/2011 - Request for Vendors
Residential Repair Contractors
4/28/11 - Job Opening
9-1-1 Support Specialist
4/26/2011 - Regional Safety Exercise Next Week
14 Counties to Test Interoperable Communications
4/19/2011 - Deadline Extension
Financial Monitoring Request for proposal
4/7/11 - Regional Conference for Youth Professionals
Understanding Culture and Building Character for our Future
4/6/11 - Invitation to Bid
Qualified Residential Construction Contractor
Through April 25th - Open Application Period
Home Accessibility Modification Program
3/21/11 - Request for Quotations
Audio and Visual Services
3/21/11 - Request for Proposals
Medical and Dental Insurance
3/15/2011 - Homeland Security Planner
Position on Indefinite Hold
11/23/10 - Request for Proposal
Qualified Residential Construction Contractor
10/27/10 - Request for Proposal
Vehicle Branding Service
10/20/10 - New Job Openings
9-1-1 Support Specialist and Workforce Contract Specialist I - Temp
11/3-4/10 - 2010 REACH Conference
Brochure Now Available
9/13/10 - Request for Proposals
Regional 9-1-1 Network and CPE for ETCOG and 9-1-1 Partners
9/8/10 - Request for Proposals
Consulting Services for Transportation Planning
8/23/10 - Home Modifications Available to Persons with Disabilities
Application Period Begins August 23, Ends September 24
8/10/10 - Solid Waste Grant Funds to be Distributed
$261,733.83 Allocated for East Texas Projects
8/4/10 - State Audit Report
Procurement of Services for Selected Programs
7/13/10 - Drive Clean Across Texas
Click to Enter For a Chance to Win a Ford Fusion Hybrid
7/2/10 - Request for Proposal
General Contractor to Provide Rehabilitation/Reconstruction to Homes
6/25/10 - Public Notices
Workforce Solutions East Texas
6/8/10 - Earn, Learn, WIN Scholarship Program
Apply with Workforce Solutions East Texas
6/4/10 - Job Opening
Director of Finance
7/15-16/10 - Police Training Annoucement
Criminal Patrol / Drug Interdiction
5/19/10 - USDA Home Loan Announcement
ETCOG Becomes Packager for East Texas Loans
6/4-5/10 - Safety Seminars
Longview & Tyler Police Department Partner with Local Church for Safety Seminars
5/3/10 - Request for Proposal
Municipal Solid Waste Grant Funding for FY 2011
4/29/10 - Show Mom You Care
For Mother's Day Find Her Help With Her Prescriptions
4/29/10 - 9-1-1 Division Newsletter
Staying Connected, Issue 1
4/15/10 - Request for Proposal
Senior Nutrition Services
3/26/10 - Public Notice
Youth Stand Alone Projects
3/9/10 - Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds
Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs
3/9/10 - Job Opening
Bus Operator
2/22/10 - Request for Qualifications
Architect & Engineering Services
2/5/10 - Public Notice
Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Construction of Lake Columbia
2/8/10 - Public Notice
Request for Qualifications - Residential Building Inspector
1/14/10 - New 911 Youth Recognition Program
First "Angel in Action" to be Awarded Wednesday
1/13/10 - Job Opportunities
Case Manager - Area Agency on Aging, Administrative Assistant - Workforce Development
12/4/09 - Solid Waste Funds to be Distributed
$262,330 Allocated for Projects Aimed to Minimize Solid Waste
11/16/09 - Wireless Phase II Deployed in East Texas
System Provides Location of 911 Callers Using Cell Phones
10/27/09 - Workforce Solutions East Texas Layoff Update
Friday Will Be Last Day of Work for 48 Staff Members
Save the Date! REACH Conference held October 29-30
Regional Education on Aging, Caregiving and Healthcare
10/5/09 - Job Openings
Director of Criminal Justice & Public Safety | Grants Specialist | Benefits Counselor | Contract Specialist
9/29/09 - East Texas Regional Job Fair in Longview
Tuesday, September 29 | 10:00 to 2:00 | Maude Cobb
9/22/09 - H1N1 Influenza Preparedness
Update from the State of Texas State Operations Center
9/2/09 - Request for Proposals
Municipal Solid Waste Grant Funding FY 2010
8/17/09 - Cash for Workers
TWC Program Reimburses Employers who Hire, Train Unemployment Insurance Recipients
8/20/09 - Public Hearing
Solid Waste Funding Plan / Grant Management Program
7/23/09 - Senior Officials Workshop
Your Role in Emergency Incident Management
6/24/09 - Contest: Name That Recognition Program
Program to Recognize Young Heroes Utilizing 9-1-1
6/10/09 - Texas Workforce PR
Closure Systems International Inc. Partners with Kilgore College for Job Training Grant
6/3/09 - Texas Community Dev. Block Grant Program
2009-2010 Scores for $3.1 M for East Texas TxCDBG
5/29/09 - Ozone Action Alert
Longview, Tyler, Marshall
5/28/09 - Drive Clean Across Texas Sweepstakes
Enter To Win a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
5/28/09 - Solicitation of Green Projects
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
5/22/09 - Texas Workforce Commission Press Release
Take Charge of Business at Texas Business Conference
5/11/09 - Hurricane Ike Action Plan
Summary of ETCOG Method of Distribution
4/23/09 - Open Position at ETCOG
9-1-1 Public Education/Trainer Job Description
4/28/09 - Public Notice: Disaster Relief Funding
Public Hearing to Discuss County Scoring Criteria
4/15/09 - ETCOG Hires Hedrick as Transportation Director
Former Denton Co. Trans. Authority President Joins ETCOG
4/14/09 - Understanding & Relating to Generations
7th Annual Conference for Youth Professionals
3/25/09 - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
East Texas Programs to Receive Funding from Stimulus Bill
2/11/09 - Disaster Relief Funds Available
$9.2 M for Areas Affected by Ike
1/30/09 - Shared Work Program
Solution for Employers Facing Force Reduction
1/21/09 - Marshall Launches Bus System
New Flex Route Through City
12/01/08 - Senior Nutrition Program
Meal Provider Contracts Granted for FY 2009
11/19/08 - ETRDC Announces SBA Changes
New Ways to Improve Business Capital
11/11/08 - Upcoming Education Summit
Connecting Education to Workforce Needs
10/06/08 - SBA Continues Lending
SBA Continues Small Business Lending in Spite of Current Credit Crisis
Northeast Texas Air Care
Workforce Solutions East Texas
East Texas Regional Development Company
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Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
Deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired customers may contact Relay Texas: 800-735-2989 (TTY) and 711 (Voice). Equal opportunity is the law.