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Senior Officials Workshop: Your Role in Emergency Incident Management

Schelby Wells, EMC for Anderson County, is hosting a Senior Officials Workshop at the Anderson County Courthouse Annex, 703 North Mallard in Palestine, Texas, at 9:00 AM on July 23.
This workshop will focus on the important role that Elected Officials play in a large scale emergency/incident.  Elected Officials will be called upon to make important decisions that will affect their entire jurisdiction.  Learning the importance of NIMS (National Incident Management System) and their role in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) will aid all Elected Officials at such time they may be called upon. 
ETCOG highly encourages all newly elected officials to attend this workshop and any elected official that has not attended one of these workshops in the last five years.
With the GDEM (Governors Division of Emergency Management) stressing Interoperable communications for each Council of Government region, budget consideration for radio communications should be at the forefront for all jurisdictions and their elected officials. Knowledge of grant funding will help all officials to plan their path for total interoperability for the region.  All agencies MUST be switched to Narrow Band by 2013 and ALL radios MUST be Digital and P-25 compliant by January 1, 2015.
Please make your elected official aware of this opportunity and if they would like to attend this workshop, please contact Schelby Wells (903-723-7813) by phone or email
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