Grant Writing Support


  • We offer grant writing services to any member of ETCOG for any needs they may have in applying for and receiving grants. 
  • Not only can we write a grant for you but we can do research for you on how and where to find a particular grant or funding source. 
  • We also offer post-grant administration for any grants that we have written for you. This administration aspects in usually done when smaller entities do not have that resources to manage all the moving parts that happen after you receive a grant. We can manage your budgets, your reports, your contractors, your payments, your paperwork, and any other aspect of your grant project. 
  • We do charge a 1% fee for the writing and submittal of a grant but if you know anything about grant writers in the area, this is a very low and minimal fee. 

Basic Info
  • • Grant writing services are available at a low cost to any ETCOG member
  • We charge a 1% fee for writing a grant; half of which is paid when the writing starts and half of which is paid upon grant submittal
  • • Researching any type of grant is free of charge
  • • We also offer post-grant administration handling all grant paperwork, financial reports, status reports, etc.

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