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FY2018 Grant Application Workshops

If you would like to attend an ETCOG Grant Application Workshop please fill out the attched form and send it back via email to Beverly Brooks or call her at (903) 218-6414.  

FY18 Criminal Justice Grant Application Workshop Registration Form


Additionally, applications will open in eGrants on December 19, 2016 and are due on February 20, 2017 before 5 pm CST (submitted and certified by the authorized official).


FY18 allocation amounts for the ETCOG region are as follows:

JAG - Byrne Justice Assistance - $279,597

Juvenile Justice - $112,284

VAWA - Violence Against Women Act - $143,377

VOCA - Victims of Crime Act - $2,703,985

Funding Opportunities & Annoucements may be found here -  They are also posted below for workshop review.

DJ - Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program

JA - Juvenile Justice Grant Program

VA - General Vicitims Assistance Direct Services Program (VOCA)

WF - Violence Against Women Justice and Training Program


Note:  The VOCA and VAWA Funding Annoucements have been amended by the Governor's Office.

VOCA and VAWA Amendments Jan 2017 Announcement

AMENDED - VA-General Victims Assistance Direct Services Program (VOCA)

AMENDED - WF Violence Against WOmen Justice and Training Program


NEW Funding Annoucements (do not run through the COG) 

Victims Special FAs Jan 2017 Annoucement

  • College Campus Initiative
  • Transitional Housing Initiative
  • Sexual Assault Forensic Services Initiative

TP - Truancy Prevention and Intervention Program - A program intended to fund juvenile case managers across the state. Juvenile case managers administer the court’s juvenile docket, supervise its orders in juvenile cases and report any recommendations relevant to assisting the judge in making decisions that are in the best interest of the child.

CST - Child Sex Trafficking Victim Services - This program is to provide services to victims of child sex trafficking victims through community-based drop-in projects, specialized foster care projects for trafficked youth, or advocacy programs to recruit, screen, and train advocates to provide 24/7 crisis response and advocacy to child victims of sex trafficking.

FY2018 Grant Application Workshops Materials

Draft FY18 CJ Strategic Plan - please email us any corrections or additions


Important info for ALL APPLICANTS:

Per CJD...

(1) It is imperative that all applicants read the Funding Announcement which corresponds with the funding source they plan to apply under this year. Applications have changed for all funding sources.

(2) All applicants must have their direct deposit forms uploaded before submission. eGrants will not allow an applicant to submit and certify their application without the required documents. Please allow extra time to complete this process.

(3) DHS Certification: In FY17, the authorized official on the grant was required to certify that sheriff's departments participated fully in DHS ICE detainer requests. Now, all FY18 applicants are required to submit a letter which will be valid for 2 years. Letter template verbiage can be found here - Each applicant must select 1 of the 4 options that best describes their agency along with the level of compliance of the county or municipal jail, if applicable.

(4) For FY18 all Juvenile, JAG and Truancy projects will be combined into one "Justice" application.

(5) For FY18 all VOCA and VAWA projects will be combined into one "Victims" application.

Important info for LAW ENFORCEMENT:

(1) LE agencies now only have to report 12 months of UCR data, to DPS, to be able to apply for JAG funding through the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division.

(2) The COGs will no longer be reviewing interoperable communications equipment. This has been moved to the DPS Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) for review. Grantees will be required though to cc and work with the COGs on development of these projects through the SWIC. Once received, all grantees must upload a letter or email, from the SWIC, stating that their equipment to be purchased meets statewide interoperability standards.


Resources for Evidence Based Practices:







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