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ETCOG is pleased to announce the launch of the Community Loan Center (CLC) of East Texas, a new non-profit formed within ETCOG offering a payroll deduction loan program for East Texas employers to add to their employee benefits portfolio. The program offers up to $1,000 loans for employees of partner agencies to be repaid through payroll deduction over a 12-month period at 18% interest and a $20 administrative fee.

The program comes at no cost to employers and is designed to help employers attract and retain employees, reduce absenteeism and requests for payroll advances. The City of Longview has already joined the CLC as a partner agency, and over 90 employees have a loan in automation. ETCOG also launched the program as a benefit for its own employees this week and have already received loan application submissions.

Loan applicants can potentially save hundreds of dollars by securing a CLC loan instead of a payday loan. Typical payday loans require full repayment when the borrowers next pay check is received. For those who cannot pay the loan in full at that time, fees and associated interest can escalate as high as to 400-600% APR. For example, the repayment of a $1000 payday loan costs the average borrower $775 in fees. The CLC charges only 21% APR and allows the applicant to repay the loan over 12 months, which amounts to about $45 a pay check. With smaller payments over a longer period, applicants have more opportunity to become financially stable. No credit check or collateral is needed to receive a loan, but the employee must be full time and have been employed for a minimum of three months. Applicants may also participate in voluntary financial counseling through the CLC to help them get back on track.

Employers can find out more or sign up to offer the program by visiting or contacting Ashia Kelly at (903) 218-6476.

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