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Geographic Information System (GIS)


GIS is a spatial database system that provides powerful decision making tools public governance from producing simple hard copy maps to analyzing complex crime patterns. GIS tools are used by emergency responders to respond to accidents, housing specialists to analyze the quality and condition of housing, environmentalists to identify the location of hazardous waste sites, social service workers to identify the location of elderly and disabled, waste management officials to route vehicles, police to analyze crime patterns, public works crew to maintain road inventory, etc..

GIS plays a key role in meeting emergency mapping needs of counties and cities within the East Texas Region.

If you need additional information about our GIS Program, or are interested in adding GIS Services to your city or county operations, please contact us at (903) 218-6400.

Do you need a mapping product?  Please fill out THIS FORM and see our GIS Product Costs

To download a complete dataset of ETCOG's sharable data, CLICK HERE.

Sharable Data includes:

     Road Centerlines

     Hydro Py and Ln

     City and County Boundaries

**We do not redistribute any other State, Federal, or Appraisal District datasets.

To Download a County Map PDF, CLICK HERE.

**Please note the we have only created maps of counties that are under our 9-1-1 authority.  Any other county or city will need to be created as a project.

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