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9-1-1 Addressing

The East Texas Council of Governments, ETCOG, contracts with eight counties and twenty one cities to provide 9-1-1 addressing in our 14 county region.  

What is a 9-1-1 address?
Simply put, it is an address with a “street number” that makes it easy to locate you and/or your property in case of an emergency.  Of course there are other perks like, mail, package, and pizza delivery.

Who will receive a 9-1-1 address?
Generally, every one living within our counties that we address.  If you live in a city, most likely you already have a 9-1-1 address or may need one if you are building a new home of business on your lot.  All structures on a single lot will need a separate address or you may just need to verify your address.

When do I need a 9-1-1 address?
You may need a new address if you are:

  • building a new residence or business;
  • moving a mobile home or travel trailer onto a piece of land;
  • selling property; and/or
  • wanting a physical address for mail delivery and/or utility services. 

What is 9-1-1 program responsible for?
We are responsible for maintaining the addressing system.  Address maintenance is an on-going process and involves:

Requesting or Verifying an Address

ETCOG administers 9-1-1 addressing for 8 East Texas counties and 23 cities. The data provided is the exact information emergency responders will be sent in the event of an emergency. You may request or verify an address by calling the ETCOG Offices toll free at 1-844-447-6911.  You may also fill out and return the form below.

 | Download PDF | -  NOTE: The online PDF form will not save your information.  You must type in the form, print it out, then scan and email the completed document to 

You may also print the form, fill it out, and fax it to us at 903-983-1440.

List of the Counties and Cities we address:

Anderson County Gilmer
Frankston Ore City
Camp County Union Grove
Pittsburg Big Sandy
Gregg County Van Zandt County
Easton Canton
Gladewater Edom
White Oak Grand Saline
Clarksville City Van
Marion County Wills Point
Rains County Wood County
East Tawakoni Alba
Emory Hawkins
Point Mineola
Upshur County Quitman
East Mountain  


  • assignment of addresses to new structures;
  • numbering new subdivisions and developments;
  • reviewing requests for new street name assignments and changes;
  • maintaining an accurate geodatabase (i.e. digital maps, maps, database);
  • solving address discrepancies and numbering problems;
  • providing addressing/street delineation maps and database information to other agencies for emergency service provision;
  • re-addressing streets or areas where inconsistencies in numbering cause problems for emergency service providers;
  • maintaining the integrity of the 9-1-1 database through verification and updates to the telephone company's Master Street Address Guide (MSAG); and
  • developing and maintaining accurate maps and map books for distribution to emergency service providers.  

Can you assign your own address or have another entity assign your address i.e. USPS?
No, our organization is the authority over address creation and assignment.

We create GIS (Geographical Information Systems) maps for our county dispatchers with our customer’s 9-1-1 addresses.  The safety of our addressed customer is our highest priority.







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