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Caregiver Support 


The Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Support Program provides critical support needed by families to assist them in maintaining their Caregiver roles.


In order to be eligible for respite care, an adult family member, or another individual must be an informal provider of in-home and community care to an older individual (60 years of age and older) who meet the following definition of "frail":
  • Unable to perform at least two activities of daily living. (Activities of Daily Living are activities that are essential to daily self-care; i.e. bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.)
  • Due to cognitive or other mental impairment, requires substantial supervision because the individual behaves in a manner that poses a serious health or safety hazard to the individual or to another individual.


Service Priority 
Priority is given to: 
  • Family Caregivers of any age who provide care for older individuals 60 year of age and older with Alzheimer's Disease or related disorders; and
  • Family Caregivers who are older individuals (60 years of age and older) with greatest social need and greatest economic need (with particular attention to low-income older individuals), who are providing care to individuals 60 years of age or older. 


Referral Resources 
Hospital discharge planners, social workers, home health agencies, seniors, family members, neighbors, or any concerned party can refer Caregivers to this program.
Services Offered 
  1. Information and Referral - Information to Caregivers in gaining access to available services. Referrals made to other community resources.
  2. Assistance - Assistance to Caregivers in gaining access to available services.
    1. Caregiver Support Coordination - An ongoing process that includes assessing the needs of a Caregiver and care recipient, effectively planning, arranging, coordinating and following up on services which most appropriately meet the identified needs as defined by the Caregiver, the Care Recipient, and the Case Manager.
  3. Counseling and Support Groups - Counseling, support groups, and caregiving education and training to assist in making decisions and solving problems relating to caregiving roles.
    1. Caregiver Education and Training - Includes developing informational resources, facilitating support groups, seminars, counseling, and providing educational services to groups and individuals. 
  4. Respite - Temporary relief to Caregivers from their Caregiving responsibilities. Services include adult day care, Caregiver Respite In-Home and Caregiver Respite Institutional.
    1. Caregiver Respite In-Home - Temporary relief for Caregivers that include an array of services provided to dependent older persons who need supervision. Services are provided in the home environment on a short-term, temporary basis while the primary Caregiver is unavailable or needs relief. In addition to supervision, services may include meal preparation, housekeeping, assistance with personal care, and sitter services.
    2. Caregiver Respite Institutional & Adult Day Care - Temporary relief for Caregivers in an Adult Day Care and Institutional (Nursing Home) setting. This service is offered on a short-term, temporary basis while the primary Caregiver is unavailable or needs relief. 
    3. Supplemental Services - Services provided under this category include homemaker, personal assistance and home-delivered meals.


Caregiver Respite In Home Services 
Caregivers are provided up to eight hours of respite each weekly, on a temporary basis.


Who Provides Caregiver Respite Services 
The Area Agency on Aging of East Texas has vendor agreements with Home Health Agencies to provide this service to Caregivers. All Home Health Agencies are licensed and bonded and criminal background checks are performed on employees that go into the homes of clients.
Home Health Agencies are reimbursed for services by the Area Agency on Aging. Case Managers will request a contribution from seniors or family members to offset the cost of this service; however, the Area Agency on Aging will not deny services if seniors are unable or unwilling to contribute. 


Rochelle Byrdsong, Lead Case Manager –
1-800-442-8845 or 903-218-6516
Paula Cross, Case Manager –
1-800-442-8845 or 903-218-6520
Danita Parker, Case Manager -
1-800-442-8845 or 903-218-6514


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